Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Friday the 18th of march. Athletics day. I never liked athletics. Not until I was one of the leaders. Excitement and nervousness Were the dominant emotion inside me. Just looking at everyone was like reading a huge sign that says ‘BRING IT ON’.

Racing against the fastest girls that I know was so nerve-wracking. Elizabeth, Tokilupe, and Fetuli and Emelia were my opponents. Mrs Pole banged the two pieces blocks together.They all ran so fast they looked like a blur. I just jogged. Not caring if I came last or first. my team cheered for me encouragingly. unsurprisingly I came last.

Hundred metre races were next. The fittest people only raced. The races came and they went just like the first. None of the competitors looked like they could carry on. But they were all so eager to win.

The chanting competition was very embarrassing. We were all to confident to notice that we only had a minute to do our chants. my team the kiwis had 12 chants to do. It was so scary especially when we told everyone we were going to win. We...... Came.... last. I was to sad to even talk to the others. But thinking about the team work we did made me feel like an actual leader. (eve\though we were the noisiest yet the most energetic team) :D

Friday, July 8, 2011

To Spray or Not to Spray?

This task is about evaluating ideas and information.

Read 'To Spray or Not to Spray?' (School Journal Part 4, Number 3, Learning Media, 2005).

Think carefully about what each of the 4 students in the article said about the spraying programme.

a) i) Which student do you think would most agree with the statement, "Spraying is safe"?

The student's name: I think Jessie

  1. My reasons for choosing this student are:

I chose Jessie because she had the most positive feedback about the aerial spraying

b) i) Which student do you think would most disagree with the statement, "Spraying is safe"?

The student's name: __shaun_____________

ii) My reasons for choosing this student are

I chose Shaun because he has the most negative feedback about the aerial spraying and he thinks it is not safe

c) MAF says, "When spray is applied correctly, it does not harm people, animals, plants or insects except PAM caterpillars." Do you believe MAF? Collect as much evidence as you can from the whole text to support your view.

I dont believe MAF because it says that if it is applied DIRECTLY on your skin it will cause minor skin nose and throat irritation. It also doesn't say if it is environmentally friendly. If its not toxic and water soluble to people then why do they ADVISE you to close your windows. Why dont they tell the ingredients in the spray. I think they should stop the aerial spraying once and for all because it hasnt been proven effective ansd hasnt been approved by the ministry of health.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Visual Art

I drew this self portrait like one of Picasso's. The left side of my face represents me, because I'm smart and I read allot. The right side of my face represents the real me because I usually wear my hair in to pony tails. The yellow background represents sunshine and the little bit of blue represents my favourite flower- the violet.