Monday, August 23, 2010

Cheesey Toasted Sandwiches

Cheesy Toasted sandwiches

Ingredients: Bread, Margarine, cheese

Equipment: 2 Plates, Knife, Sandwich Press, grater

Method: Step 1- Turn on the sandwich press so that its warm and toasty for your sandwich.
Step 2- Get a plate to grate your cheese on.(its easier if you cut a piece off the cheese

Step 3- Grab a plate and 2 pieces of bread.
Step 4- Butter one side of both of the pieces.
Step 5
- Place the buttered side of one of the pieces of
bread on the sandwich press so its facing down.
Step 6- Put the grated cheese on the loaf and make
sure its spread out across the loaf.
Step 7-Place the other loaf of on top of the cheese and
make sure that the buttered side is facing
upwards towards the top of the sandwich press.
Step 8- Close the sandwich press but watch out not to
press it down because all of the cheese will ooze out.
Step 9- Check on the sandwich once in a while. When
it’s golden or toasted to your perfection.
Step 10- Lift the sandwich off the sandwich press with
your knife.
Step 11. Dig in to your scrumptious sandwich.

Watch out. Don't leave it lying around or a mouse might eat it. Nah, just joking.

While I was making this sandwich I felt happy. At home my Mum always makes the sandwich for me, because I'm clumsy. I felt that it needed a bit more cheese and needed to be in the sandwich press for longer. I had fun making it and it was still delicious. It was a very fun experience for me as well.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Duffy Theatre

Excitement shot through my as if it were a bullet. The words Duffy Theatre made my body tingle with excitement. A group of people called ‘Duffy Theatre’ come every year with a story.

Before they had begun the play they said “it is cool to read”. Each year they brang laughter, happiness and excitement. This year they came on a very sunny and warm Tuesday.

Walking noisily we entered the hall and sat down. A very curious and musical beginning made me want the show to hurry up. The play was like a game show.

The game show was about Duffy looking for an occupation. The show was called Duffy’s Big O.E. (Occupation Exploration) There were characters who explained how the show would work. So they asked a couple volunteers to help them spin the wheel. The volunteers were Fetuli, Mele and Motu. The same routine was used for a different occupation and a different piece of vocabulary was used to describe what the person has to do in that occupation. Some of the words were communication, appreciation and imagination.

I felt sad when the show ended. I had done so much laughing that I was so exhausted I could barely walk home. I went home laughing and grinning to myself which made my friends stare at me.