Friday, April 15, 2011

Prayer for Jesus

Dear Jesus

Thank you for giving up your life to save mine. You suffered through 14 stages that lead you to your death. Help me to be grateful for the sacrifice you made for me, and please help me to make the right choices. May I be as forgiving and loving like you.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Athletics Day

I never liked athletics. Not until I was one of the leaders. Excitement. Nervousness.Were the dominant emotion on the leaders faces. Team after team the house colours were two long lines of a rainbow.

Racing against the fastest girls that I know was so nerve-wracking. Elizabeth, Tokilupe, and Fetuli were my opponents. Mrs Pole banged the two pieces of wood together.They all ran so fast they looked like a blur. I just jogged. Not caring if I came last or first. Unsurprisingly.......I came last.

Hundred metre races were next. The fittest people only raced. The races came and they went just like the first. None of the competitors looked like they could carry on. But they were all so eager to win.

The chanting competition was embarrassing. We were all to confident to notice that we only had a minute to do our chants. m y team the kiwis had 12 chants to do. It was so nerve wracking especilally when we told everyone we were going to win. We...... Came.... last. I was to sad to even talk to the others. But thinking about the team work we did made me feel like an actual leader. (even though we were the noisiest yet the most energetic team).

Netbook Rollout Day

Excitement was the only thing that kept me waiting. I thought my box wasn't there. Miss G and the technicians came into class with some boxes and they made like 2 trips and all the boxes were taken to class. The technicians, Miss G, Mrs Burt and Mrs Tui gave out the boxes. They all called our names to see if we were here to receive our net-books. Mrs Burt called out my name. I raised my hand. It's coming it's coming I chanted in my head. Receiving the box with MY netbook was just the beginning. No words could describe the feeling that was inside me. I almost snatched it when Mrs Burt arrived. I stared at the box placed on my desk. All I could do was touch the box. If Mrs Tui didn't say that the boxes were also important I would've torn the box to bits.

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. we all counted down from 10. Once that was done we all pressed the silver button together so we could all go live. We did the procedure happily. Once the net book was on we all talked happily like this was the best time of their lives. For me it was one of the best days of my life.

Miss G and Mrs Tui said we could play on the net books. We all browsed on the net book eagerly. we were so happy it felt like we were all on our own world.we all chatted away like there was no tomorrow.

Mrs Tui finally said that it was time to pack it away and my heart dropped sadly. I packed it away, we all did. But Mrs Tui said that we would get to play with it on Wednesday. It soothed me completely. I sighed happily. I was going to see it again. Yay was my last thought before they went away.