Monday, April 26, 2010

Athletics Day

It shrilled loudly, it was a high pitched shriek. We then rushed over to the place where all our house teams were. There was tuis-red geckos -green keas-blue and kiwis-yellow. After the teachers spoke(which felt like an eternity), we marched excitedly to the field where the tarpaulins were all lined up. When I gazed upwards, the sky was a dull grey. It was a very, very gloomy day but fun at the same time. The races started and ended like a gust of wind."All 11 year olds step up'' a voice boomed out of the speaker. I was so nervous I felt like wetting my pants!! I stumbled nervously to the place where all the 11 year olds were. Goosebumps dominated my skin, and a fear of falling filled my mind."On your marks get set go!!" exclaimed Mrs Pole, Nand we were off. I was coming 4th in the race. As I was running I could feel like I was going to loose my sense of balance!!!!........but I didnt. Phewww!! the races all ended as it was lunch time. 45 minutes felt like 10 minutes!! now our last part of athletics, the novelty races. My favourite novelty race was the three legged race it was very entertaining but yet painful. All the novety races ended with laugter and cheer.
The day ended tremendousley. I was so exhausted I could barely walk!! I went home thinking about what an incredable day athletics was.


  1. It's great to see you enjoyed the athletics day so much. I loved your use of some very expressive language features Anita and especially glad you managed to control your nerves about falling.

  2. Well done Anita, you wrote a great recount. Your right when you said the races started and ended like a gust of wind.....I love the language you used to describe the races!
    Keep up the great work.

  3. Hi Anita, you used some really good vocabulary in your recount. Well done! I am looking forward to following your progress on your very own blog.