Monday, May 2, 2011

First part of 'I Am David'

I am David is a book that me and a group of other people are reading. So this is what we have read so far.

David is a 12 year old boy who escapes from a concentration camp in World War Two, in Europe. He escapes with the help of an old man he hates very much. The old man is telling him to escape now because he’s leaving. The old man gives David instructions that will help him get from Germany to Italy and from Italy to Denmark. Once he escapes he tries to follow the old mans instructions that he was given. All the while he tries to find the items he’s looking for. He stumbles across a tied handkerchief which contains the items which will help him complete the other set of important instructions. During these times he is trying to figure out why the old man wants them to escape even though the old man hated him. Or did he?? As hard as he tried, he did not want to think about anything so that he can concentrate more on the path he is following rather than the memories setting into his head snapping him out of his concentration.

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