Friday, May 28, 2010

The Most Nerve Racking Moment

A kinda sunny day was when jump for heart day started. Room one were the first class to perform. Their item was very entertaining and cute. The song they danced to was 'Kiss Kiss' and the 'Lion Sleeps Tonight'. The classes stepped onto the stage (tennis courts) and walked off. It was as long as I expected. Finally it was our turn to perform. Ba boom, ba boom ba boom, my heart was beating furiously, because I was in the front row!!!! The music started and we danced. we weren't as enthusiastic as the other classes, especially me as I was so shy I felt like I never danced!!! They clapped us off stage and now it was room 7's turn to perform. I couldnt stop smiling and giggling after that performance, it was so funny they danced like little children. The look on their faces said that they were embarresed. They finished their item with a gleefull smile and walked off stage. Now it was time to do the "Jump For Heart" routine together. All the classes approached the stage, some were noisey and some were quiet. We all did the routine beautifully, the teachers faces said it all. After a couple of moves it was over. The day ended well.


  1. I loved the way you said "the teachers faces said it all". A great use of language

  2. It sounds like a fun day and you have really expressed how you felt throughout the event. Thank you for sharing your experience and for sharing your gifts with the Heart Foundation, it is a great cause.
    Mrs Gleeson

  3. Anita, A wonderfully honest recount of the Jump for Heart day :) It can be hard to be the centre of attention, can't it! The junior school were very joyous in their dancing weren't they!! As a student teacher and visitor to St Pius, I was very moved by all of the enthusiastic dancing. I could see the fun that was being had by you all!! I look forward to reading more of your writing. :)