Friday, June 11, 2010

The Morning Of The First Day Of School

As I stepped onto the field, the morning dew lit the grass as a haze of yellowy sunshine made it glimmer as if it were a diamond. I walked onto the field and as I turned around my footsteps left a trail. Soon I heard faint shouting then it grew louder and louder soon I was starting to get scared, but then I glanced over to the other side of the field and saw to figuers waving at me vigoursly. I took a couple of steps further - not until then did I realise who it was. It was Emelia and Jessica. I sprinted over to them and gave them the biggest hug ever!!! Jessica winced as I squeezed her, she said that I was going to squeeze her to death if I didn't stop.

I entered the classroom seeing two blank faces of some fellow students staring as if I were a complete stranger. I ran to the corridor, hung my bag up and ran outside. As soon as I stepped out the bell shrilled, it gave me a humoungous fright because it was a high pitched shriek. I ran to line up and stood there happily.

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