Thursday, October 14, 2010

Washing Hands Instructions :)

Equipment: Sink,towel, and a soap dispenser.
Step 1-Turn on the tap anticlockwise so you have a little amount of water flowing gently.
Step 2- Place Your hands under the water and rinse your hands carefully.
Step 3- Put one hand on the soap dispenser’s lid and press it down until you end up with soap the size of a button.
Step 4- Rub your hands together until your soap turns into foamy bubbles.
Step 5- Place your hands under the running water so the bubble suds wash off.
Step 6- Grab a towel so you can dry your hands.
Step 7- Dry your hands so that it is no longer moist with water.
Washing your hands can make you happy, but do know that you are also being very hygienic. Washing your hands can prevent you from getting sick. Wash your hands after playing outside, before eating and preparing food, using the toilet and after blowing your nose. Thank You!!

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