Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Film Festival

Her heart thudded erratically as her pulse raced rapidly, it was suddenly pitch black and the she stared at the hovering logo that loomed over the screen.

The quiet vibration of the seats turning into a sort of bed which made her feel like a princess. The Sylvia Park Extreme screen was where the Tamaki Cluster celebrated their film festival. The screen was so big you could just tip 6 buses till they were standing upright to measure the screen. Exhilaration rippled through Anita as the first movie was projected onto the screen.

As more and more movies came her excitement sharpened then faded as they passed. Room 6’s class presenters stumbled onto the stage as the crowd cheered continuously as they tried to concentrate and be heard through the deafening cheers that their fellow school members were doing. The emotion of nervousness subsided as the crowd quietened. Their confidence rose as they spoke the ending words.

The magnificent celebration ended noisily as all the schools departed from the theatre. St Pius X rode to school remembering what an amazing experience it was to spend the day out with the whole school.

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