Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Liturgy

The noise coming from the laptop sounded like someone was speaking but soon became a buzz as images popped up onto the screen.

The whole of St Pius X gathered in the hall to celebrate All Saints Day
Room 7 led the liturgy showing leadership to the rest of the school.

The mass didn't go as well as they wanted it to go because of technical difficulties.
To start the liturgy we did the sign of the cross as always and sang our school prayer. Rick was nervous as he stumbled on a sentence and went red.

His voice was shaky but he still read on.The celebration continued as more and more people read, the feeling of apology filled the hall as the readers stumbled on their readings.
The liturgy ended awkwardly as we were all eager to leave but the good thing is now we know that saints have an important role in our church.

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