Friday, June 24, 2011

Homework or no homework

Homework or no Homework.
Homework is an extremely good idea. It may help to benefit us in our learning. Having homework is like learning but at home. It may help us achieve our tests and make it to national norm.Therefore we should receive homework on a regular basis.

Secondly some people think that homework is not essential nor necessary. I for one,think its very beneficial for our learning. we all know the quote ‘practise makes perfect’. Doesn't it? One student has progressed successfully doing homework. That person agrees that homework should be always part of our after school routine. Would you mind if your child lost a few brain cells a day? Well even though 40 minutes of watching TV can damage 1 brain cell. According to a book a read on how our body works.

Us children should receive homework frequently help us practise more often. It may also increase our knowledge of more necessary things rather than noneducational things.

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