Friday, June 10, 2011

Year 8s spent two days at St Francis Retreat Centre.
It was an emotional experience especially when we each lit a candle. I lit a candle for my mother. After that we all gathered together. Br Phillip led us to the meeting room.
During the time we spent at retreat we did activities like last card and find a matching leaf. The most confusing one was the treasure hunt. My group came second because we all had a chance to lead. Our treasure was a basket of fruit, it symbolises nourishment and health.

My favourite activity was building the arc. Jessica and I used up all the sellotape. Ours was the most prettiest because it didn't show any cardboard. It was a true blessing to get to know Jessica and see how it is like to work with her.
Reflection time was a sacred time for me. It made see the qualities of a leader

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